Dancer | Choreographer | Teacher | Creative Director

"True art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist."
Albert Einstein

Hi, I'm Luise.

A passionate choreographer, dancer and creative from Europe. It all started as a child that knew nothing better than dance. Today I’m working as a professional dancer in the entertainment industry. Further more I’m choreographing and creating shows, concepts, visuals and short movies. My unique movement language is a result of several professional educations I completed all around the globe and my personal view of life as an emotional being. Translating and creating emotions for the viewer stands at the center of my work. Breathtaking movement, high quality visuals and playing with confronting topics of todays society are a main focus of my creations. Besides my artistic approach I choreograph stage shows, music videos and work as a movement and performance coach.

I’m a focused, well prepared professional that brings a bright energy and special twist to turn a good project into a great project. I love to motivate and push my team above the expected to create not just a motivated and loving work environment, but also to break the boundaries of what’s possible.

selected References

○ Zulu Awards Copenhagen
○ Arena Tour „Das große Schlagerfest 2019“
○ Patricia Kelly Music Video „Medicine“
○ Gama Bikes Print Campaign Shanghai
○ Shahram Solati’s Music Video „Omre Dobareh“ 
○ House Full 4 Bollywood Movie in London
○ Deutsche Bahn Commercial
○ Verizon Commercial „Walk with me“
○ Levi’s 501 Brussels
○ Deka Investment Commercial
○ Schlagerboom 2019 „Wahnsinn das Musical“
○ Swedish Fall Dance Commercial 
○ Karl die Große Music Video „GenerationA“
○ „Daydream“ Dance Movie
○ Victor Rodriguez Music Video „Dancing On My Own“
○ „sentient“ Short Movie
○ Fabletics Campaign
○ June Coco Music Video „kill her“
○ „Urban Days“ Centrum Galerie Dresden
○ Ibug Commercial, simply saxony


Teaching has had an essential impact on my creative journey. In order to truly teach beyond the execution of movement, one has to go through an important journey of self reflection. With more than 10 years of teaching experience of all ages and levels I am offering classes, workshops and coaching in a variety of styles such as: Contemporary Fusion, Grooves&Flow, Commercial, Jazz and technical foundations. I’ve taught classes all around the world from small groups and private mentoring to international workshops for choreography and dance camps.

As a studied pedagogue, my classes reach beyond the explanation or drill of movements and challenge my students to grow and expand. While implementing mindfulness and awareness in my dance classes I love to encourage my students and trainees to find their own artistic voice and find true individuality in their movements and performance.